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Webinars andonline coursesmade easy

Zoom X Webinars ‒ The platform for fast & easy online seminars

Zoom X Webinars connects you securely, intuitively and smoothly with your audience ‒ in live HD video quality and with all the features to deliver your content authentically and successfully to participants. Whether you're offering location-independent corporate training or want to present new ideas and innovations to your team: With Zoom X Webinars you rely on an innovative and versatile webinar software. With this solution, you can easily and quickly create secure online courses or add a new user experience to on-site events. It's easy to use and supports all internet-enabled devices.

Moreover, it's GDPR-compliant: All Zoom X applications are hosted on secure servers in Germany and comply with European data protection law.

Zoom X Webinars - present yourself confidently anytime

Present yourself confidently anytime, anywhere with Zoom X Webinars

Zoom X Webinars supports all your presentation techniques and is an ideal add-on for multimedia lectures, seminars, or remote classes. No matter where you hold your presentation: Zoom X Webinars, with its numerous features, is the tool of choice for your best presentation.

  • Use virtual backgrounds, studio effects, and noise cancellation for the best webinar experience with Zoom.
  • Secure your live event from piracy by watermarking video content.
  • Authenticate attendees and control audio and content sharing.
Zoom X Webinars -reach up to 20,000 live and direct participants

Impress even a large audience with lasting effect

With Zoom X Webinars, you can safely and securely reach up to 20,000 live and direct participants with your online course. Expand your audience: Zoom X Webinars also lets you stream your webinar to YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and other platforms, and take advantage of additional features.

  • Engage your attendees with content sharing, polling, and chat features (e.g., for Q&A).
  • Exportable attendee lists, cloud recordings, engagement reports, and more.
  • Reach an even larger audience thanks to livestreaming on online platforms.

The best reasonsfor Zoom X Webinars

Custom branding

Customize your webinar registration page and reminder emails to attendees. Also, use watermarks to make your livestreaming videos distinctive. After the webinar, direct attendees to your social media channels and your own "After the Webinar" landing page using link embeds.

Interact with up to 20,000 attendees

Present to up to 10,000 attendees, and even up to 20,000 on demand, and interact with Q&A sessions and feedback surveys.

Dedicated live support and practice session

Compared to other webinar platforms, Zoom X Webinars offers the option to conduct practice sessions as well as receive live event support.

As individual as your company ‒ The Zoom X product family

The requirements of companies and individual teams are diverse, so is the Zoom X product family offering. With Zoom X One at the core plus various available add-ons, organizations can select from the functionality they need ‒ regardless whether its SMEs, large globally operating companies or schools, colleges and universities.

Zoom X One

Chat, audio, video, meeting and other collaboration tools in one versatile and intuitive solution.

Zoom X Phone

All the powerful features of a PBX for your organization's modern voice and video communications bundled into a single, secure and intuitive solution.

Zoom X Rooms & CRC

Create virtual rooms for meetings, trainings or conferences and experience seamless ease of collaboration as if everyone were in the same place. Plus: integration of existing conference room systems and hardware.

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