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IDC Infobrief

This Infobrief examines how the Future Network can accelerate digital business models; the key challenges that organizations will face on their network transformation journey; and the key actions that organizations can take to accelerate that journey.

The author is Jan Hein Bakkers, Senior Research Director at IDC

Use Cases

Flexibility and cost savings with network modernization

Unlock the potential for greater cost flexibility and savings through network modernization. Our free case studies showcase the benefits across various industries and demonstrate the positive impact on the bottom line. Discover how much your company can save with our business-centric solutions. Get your budgetary quote in just 24 hours and take the first step towards a more efficient and cost-effective network.

Buyers' Guide

How to protect and optimise your network

Your IT infrastructure and – importantly – cyber security needs to be able to face into many challenges. This SASE guide will help you to learn how Software Defined Networks decentralize your network, understand how SASE is designed to deliver security across modern infrastructures, and identify how SD-WAN and SASE work together to make your network agile and scalable, including the elements that will benefit your business.

Buyers' Guide

Take back control of your network with SD-WAN

Why consider SD-WAN for your business? This SD-WAN guide will help you, among other things, understand today’s quickly-changing IT landscape, identify the many demands on your IT infrastructure, learn how SD-WAN can help you overcome these challenges, and evaluate how best to implement SD-WAN.


The future of enterprise networking: SD-WAN explained

Software-defined (SD) networks offer a viable means of solving thorny issues, particularly in the case of wide area networks (WANs). However, when the first SD-WANs came out in the 2010’s, vendors promoted them as a silver bullet for a wide range of problems. This whitepaper takes a closer look at some myths and misconceptions about SD-WAN and whether they do hold water.


Network management and modernization with SD-WAN

Learn about how SD-WAN works, the advantages it will provide to enterprises, typical use cases, why MPLS still has a reason to exist, and how SASE will help integrate security as a seamless part of the SD-WAN overlay fabric. Moreover, find out why consulting from vendor-agnostic service provider is highly recommended to find the right, business-centric SD-WAN solution.


Zero Trust ‒ A security architecture for a new digital era

Employing internet-based network technologies like SD-WAN does necessitate a comprehensive overhaul of the security architecture. That’s because traffic is now extending out beyond the private network and traveling across public internet lines. A decentralized network that enables direct access to clouds also demands a new architecture to ensure security extends to every endpoint. This white paper discusses the points to consider when modernizing the security infrastructure including the concept of Zero Trust.


Networking and security re-imagined: Premium Zero Trust

Conventional wide area networks (WANs) can no longer satisfy the demands of modern enterprise networking. The increase in mobile devices, cloud applications, and remote work is making these types of networks slower, less efficient, and vulnerable to attack. This whitepaper elaborates on Premium Zero Trust ‒ a new approach to network design which unifies networking and security while simultaneously reducing both complexity and the time and expense it causes.

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