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Data Privacy

Powerful collaboration in an integrated bundle

What is Webex Suite powered by Deutsche Telekom?

Webex Suite is a comprehensive cloud-based service and application bundle which allows secure communications and collaboration between internal and external users. The customizable solution is ideal for enterprises and public businesses that have a network of branches, satellite offices and/or remote workers. The service package consists of the Webex Messaging, Webex Meeting, and Webex Calling products.

Streamline your communications

Many businesses are suffering from using legacy conferencing systems that are no longer fit for purpose or indeed up to date with current industry standards. This is especially relevant with the increased need for collaboration tools in relation to remote and flexible working. Two of the biggest concerns we commonly hear from business leaders when transforming communications infrastructures are the costs and complexity of a new solution. In addition, data privacy and IT security requirements are also becoming increasingly restrictive and challenging, especially in larger multi-national corporations and the public sector.

Typical challengescompanies are facing


Cross-team collaboration tools are often outdated and no longer meet expectations by the users in terms of real-life communications.

Remote working

Remote working policies and shifts in workplace culture put higher demands on collaboration and communications solutions.


As global regulations and requirements for data privacy and security are getting stricter, companies are looking for solutions that can flexibly adapt to any changes that arise.

Different needs

Businesses have different needs when it comes to communications products, which can often lead to siloed systems.

Why Webex Suitefrom Deutsche Telekom?

Webex Suite comprises services based on the Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan, which means usage rights can be directly licensed flexibly from Cisco. You can choose from a range of service packages to exactly meet your needs. You can individually select your solution’s features and subscribe to a model of your choice.


Thanks to the Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan, the unified collaboration solution can be fully customized. Choose between different provisioning models: per named user, per active user or under an enterprise agreement. Products include Webex Calling for VoIP phone calls, Webex Meetings for video conferencing


This ecosystem by industry-leading solution provider Cisco is always up to date and easy to scale with your business goals. If you need additional services, simply add them from a single source.

Easy Access

With central SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunking for PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) traffic, there is no additional product required for access. Mobile devices can be connected in real time.


Our cloud-based solution is both economical and environmentally friendly by reducing the carbon footprint created by travel. Whether you choose to have your solution hosted on a public cloud or combined with on-premises hosting, you can help save the planet and money.


Whatever your specific needs and expertise are, we will guide you through your entire journey to unified communications services. All subscribers benefit from quick support and a help desk.


We are a business partner you can always rely on – with top ratings by the most renowned analysts, market-leading technology partners, and best-in-class performance. And so is our partner Cisco, internationally renowned for its technological leadership and sustainability.

Benefits of Webex Suite from Deutsche Telekom

Easy Integration

Powered by Cisco Webex, integration is simple and connection to other clouds and applications is easy.

Attractive Pricing

The unified communications package is based on a subscription model, where you only pay for what you really need.

Advanced Security

Enjoy a fully protected and secured solution that meets the strictest requirements.


With self-service functionality, your users can easily configure their tools via an online portal.

Simple Maintenance

Your admins can effortlessly create groups for administration and react to changes quickly.

Always Up-To-Date

Benefit from on-the-fly updates and extensions, often available free of charge.

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