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Best-in-class solution for highly distributed sites

What is Deutsche Telekom's International Branch Connect?

​​International Branch Connect is a solution specifically developed by Deutsche Telekom to connect multinational retailers or public institutions. Our solution is the perfect fit for companies with highly distributed satellite sites.

It is based on Deutsche Telekom’s experience and expertise in WAN (Wide Area Network), LAN (Local Area Network), and optional WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) connectivity. At its heart is powerful xDSL technology with an optional mobile backup, with all the power of Deutsche Telekom’s managed services. This can significantly enhance your end-user experience, enabling you to focus on your core business.

Grow your network

At a time where businesses are becoming increasingly global, companies are having to scale up their branches across several geographies to cope. Multiple branches often mean multiple silos of connectivity, with a lack of consistency in the associated processes and standards used to implement this connectivity.

These inconsistencies can lead to regulatory challenges and issues within the supply chain, and this makes it difficult for a business to meet its customer demands. With our vast experience in the industry and in supporting our customers, we understand these challenges and can guide you through them.

Typical challengescompanies are facing


Branch structures often lead to complex networks of multiple providers that you rely on.


As branches tend to develop their own local solutions, there is virtually no standardization in place.


The level of data security varies depending on the location and the solution used.


Customer, user, and brand experience are inconsistent as different service providers are in charge and channels are not synchronized.

Why InternationalBranch Connect fromDeutsche Telekom?

Deutsche Telekom provides the network solution you need for your branches from one single source, partnering with Gartner-listed vendor LANCOM for physical devices. We have the capacity and expertise to streamline your growing networking requirements at a reasonable price and with professional service. Local support and dedicated teams will be available to you at every step of your journey.

  • Optimized security: As an end-to-end solution, International Branch Connect offers you a high level of enterprise network security, considering the specific requirements of your business or region.

  • One-stop solution: Deutsche Telekom's solution combines connectivity delivered from multiple providers, integrating it seamlessly into a single uniform platform that fits your needs.

  • Scalability: As your business scales, our solutions can flexibly adjust to your requirements at a given time. You can integrate a large number of locations and book add-on services as needed.
  • Consistent experience: With International Branch Connect, you can ensure a consistent user and brand experience by standardizing end-to-end SLAs experience and integrating online channels and physical locations.

  • International availability: International Branch Connect is available in up to 16 European countries, including all major markets. It comes with standardized SLAs and processes.

  • Hardware you can trust: Deutsche Telekom's International Branch Connect solution is underpinned by high quality hardware provided in partnership with LANCOM. Made in Germany and managed by Deutsche Telekom.

Benefits ofInternational Branch Connect


No large investments are required, and costs are reduced due to the uniform configuration and maintenance of all network components.

Seamless Connectivity

Connect your branches through enterprise networks that allow future add-ons, such as electronic shelf labels, free Wi-Fi for customers, or electronic payments.

End-to-End Solution

Our solution provides you with everything you need from one source. Say goodbye to siloed architectures and start using a full package from one responsible service provider.


You can customize the rollout of our solution and manage your rollout according to your individual requirements.


International Branch Connect can also be combined with our IntraSelect MPLS and SD-WAN solutions, for your larger locations.

Find out more: MPLS

Redundant Infrastructure

We offer secure and redundant service areas and access via DSL and UMTS/LTE as a backup, including multi-VPN capability to allow for services such as digital payment.

Customeruse cases

European Fashion Group

Deutsche Telekom helped a Europe-based fashion group master the challenges of branch networks: Our client operates 670 stores worldwide as well as an online shop. As a retailer with industry-specific needs, they looked for a solution from a trusted partner that would meet all their needs.


German workshop chain pitstop serves more than one million customers each year in their 300 branches in over 200 cities in Germany. Deutsche Telekom provided a custom-engineered solution to overcome the company’s decentralized infrastructure, which prevents efficient operations.

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