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Data Privacy

Reliable and secure global connectivity

If you want to digitize your company, the reliable, secure exchange of data between employees and partners around the world is critical. IntraSelect IP-VPN and IntraSelect Transport Connect from Deutsche Telekom are two of our products that give you the flexibility, performance, and security you need to build your customized communications platform across your business.

IntraSelect IP-VPN

Secure the performance of your networked communications

IntraSelect Transport Connect

Share data worldwide on a protected platform

Two comprehensive connectivity and communication options

Get all the benefits of a technically optimized and cost-effective MPLS solution from Deutsche Telekom. Our MPLS platform provides your business with the flexibility to build a tailored network infrastructure to create a strong foundation for worldwide operations. Its modular design gives you the freedom to choose whatever network architecture you prefer and as importantly, how much you want to consume.

Deutsche Telekom is proud to offer two complete MPLS-based solutions. IntraSelect Transport Connect is our globally available wires-only service, perfect for supporting your SD-WAN overlay of choice and IntraSelect IP-VPN, which comes with the addition of a high-performance managed CPE. Both of our IntraSelect solutions offer high-output MPLS-based services, perfectly matching your needs for a globally available secure, and effective connectivity platform that can connect your employees and partners anywhere in the world.

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