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LAN Services from Deutsche Telekom

Efficient network solutions for your company

Efficient network solutions for your company

Powerful network solutions for your business

Transformation can be full of many challenges, not the least of which is making sure the network infrastructure, underpinning your entire journey towards digitalization is an enabler, rather than a limiter for your business. During this process, your company's performance and resources are continuously put to the test.

Deutsche Telekom's Managed LAN and Net-Based LAN Services offer a fast, simple solution. They take care of your complex network management so that you have more time to focus on what is most important – your core business. Managed LAN and Net-Based LAN Services enable you to set up high-performance, secure LAN and WLAN networks that can be scaled to meet your business's needs. This will empower your company to grow flexibly.

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Managed LAN

Stay securely connected to future technologies

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Net-based LAN

Seamless solutions for secure WLAN communications

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