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IntraSelect Cloud Connect from Deutsche Telekom

Secure your individual access to the cloud

Secure your individual access to the cloud

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What is Deutsche Telekom's IntraSelect Cloud Connect?

IntraSelect Cloud Connect provides your business with optimal cloud connectivity directly from our MPLS backbone. Whether your cloud strategy requires a high speed, private connection directly from your corporate network to your SaaS providers, or you simply need the highest level of performance from protected Ethernet connections: IntraSelect Cloud Connect offers you the best solution when it comes to direct cloud connectivity that bypasses the public Internet. With a variety of connection types to suit all businesses, IntraSelect Cloud Connect is a great option whether you require a fully managed or unmanaged service.

Comprehensive Security and Compliance Control

IntraSelect Cloud Connect meets all the requirements when it comes to the highest compliance guidelines applied in your daily business.

Multi-cloud environments increase business complexity. Comprehensive security and compliance concepts are required to control unauthorized access to cloud services and storage. However, these are difficult to implement in dynamic cloud environments. This is exactly where IntraSelect Cloud Connect can help! With strict security requirements and reduced risks, we can guarantee maximum performance and protection of your resources.

The typical challenges companies are facing

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Business-critical applications require continuous and uninterrupted access to the cloud.

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In everyday work, a fast, reliable, and secure integration of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams is essential.

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For optimal performance, the bandwidth of cloud connectivity must scale flexibly and be adaptable to individual needs.

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Fast response to increasing bandwidth requirements is a must for trouble-free ongoing operations.

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It’s essential to maintain your business's required agility as well as a robust security model around your cloud connectivity.

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In such a high-demand market, it’s vital to effectively support your business's cloud journey with the required level of experienced and highly trained resources.

Why IntraSelect Cloud Connect from Deutsche Telekom?

With IntraSelect Cloud Connect, there are many ways to access your cloud services depending on your business requirements. Whether it's dedicated leased lines with optimized bandwidth, the connection of multiple VPN sites via a dedicated port, or simply an internet-based SD-WAN connection with traffic optimization for Microsoft 365 and Teams, IntraSelect Cloud Connect has been designed to meet all your requirements and more.  

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  • Incredible Flexibility: Whether you need a fully managed or a co-managed solution, we guarantee your business will have the best option.

  • Outstanding Performance Level: Get the most out of a consistent and reliable solution with SLAs at the highest level.

  • Best Onboarding Practices: Our perfect onboarding approach ensures a smooth transition even during uncertain times.

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  • Individual Consulting: If you are not quite sure what you need, take advantage of the individual consulting to help you get started with ease.

  • Safe Technology: Enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge network technology developed with a high protection level and effective security concepts.

Benefits of IntraSelect Cloud Connect from Deutsche Telekom

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Adjustable Line Speed & Flexible Bandwidth

Use dedicated leased lines that adapt to your cloud provider's needs, as well as stay flexible with variable bandwidths between 50 Mbps and 100 Gbps.


Fast Provisioning

Benefit from fast availability of secure cloud connectivity to all major providers such as Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud.

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Fully Integrated Solutions

Reduce complexity with solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing Deutsche Telekom connectivity with no need for additional equipment.

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Optional Managed Services

Get optional support for a common view across all cloud resources to help monitor both internal and external cloud services.


Secure Migration

Ensure that cloud connectivity is permanently available before, during, and after the SD-WAN migration.

Get in touch with our experts

We are ready to develop custom-designed, end-to-end connectivity and communication solutions that will help your business.

Find out how we can support and grow your business today.

We are ready to develop custom-designed, end-to-end connectivity and communications solutions that will help your business.

Find out how we can support and grow your business today.

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