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What is Deutsche Telekom’s Premium Internet Underlay?

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In recent years, many globally-operating enterprises have shifted to cloud computing and hybrid work models. In this context they are revising their network architectures to meet a multitude of requirements such as scalability and flexibility, global access, security and compliance, support of decentralized data and applications, business continuity or stable performance. As part of their cloud transformation, more and more companies consider the internet as a best-fitting and cost-effective underlay of choice and as an alternative to traditional underlay networks like MPLS. The reasons for this are not surprising, since the internet is widely available, enables seamless access to cloud services and reduces complexity.

However, it is often overlooked that the internet lacks performance SLAs (Service Level Agreements) on parameters like latency, jitter and packet loss. And when compared with MPLS, the internet offers lower and inconsistent performance especially on long haul connections.

That's where Deutsche Telekom's Premium Internet Underlay (PIU) comes into play

It combines the benefits of the internet with performance SLAs on par with MPLS. Based on our customers’ requirements and their expectations regarding user experience, PIU is a cutting-edge solution that addresses the demanding performance requirements of private company networks. It provides MPLS-like performance SLAs with the benefits of internet connectivity. With PIU you can seamlessly and securely connect your global sites, data centers, and multi-cloud environments with unmatched performance. It comes as a complete solution comprising access, backbone, and customer premises equipment (CPE), and complements perfectly with overlay solutions such as SD-WAN, IP-SEC or ZTNA.

Technical uses cases for Premium Internet Underlay

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Site-to-Site Traffic

In site-to-site connections, the traffic between inter-connected sites is optimized. Offering global coverage with >500 PoPs and a cloud-agnostic backbone, customers can seamlessly connect their long-haul destinations. Sites with critical requirements (e.g. production site, regional hub) are guaranteed the highest levels of performance, reliability and security.

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Site-to-Private Cloud Traffic

In site-to-private cloud connections, the communication between a customer's site and the private cloud environment is accelerated with premium internet quality. Establishing a path-optimized connection to a private cloud's VPN gateway, the access to private cloud applications and usage of real-time data can be improved dramatically. Thus maintaining an exceptional user experience.

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Site-to-Public Cloud Traffic

In site-to-public cloud connections, the potential lack of PoPs is addressed with Deutsche Telekom's global, cloud-agnostic backbone. Using machine-learning algorithms to enable network acceleration, traffic bottlenecks are mitigated and optimal performance of public cloud applications is secured.

In all use cases the customer benefits from a high and stable network performance on par with MPLS, making Premium Internet Underlay the go to choice for long haul site-to-site and site-to-cloud connections. Even in highly regulated areas, Premium Internet is fully compliant with local regulations. E.g. supporting business-related traffic in China, the traffic is routed to a local Cloud Provider, not passing the Chinese Firewall, but transmitted via a cloud connectivity service to a destination out of China.

Why Premium Internet Underlay from Deutsche Telekom?

Vast experience:
Deutsche Telekom has been designing and operating underlay networks for its customers for decades. Additionally, we are leveraging this experience in conjunction with our SD-WAN overlay expertise.

Geographical coverage:
With Deutsche Telekom's presence in over 50 countries and our proven capabilities to deliver our solutions worldwide, many customers trust us with supporting their businesses. Our global reach is also backed by extensive local knowledge and expertise in understanding each country's unique legislation and requirements to bring the best solutions to your business needs.

Custom-engineered solutions:
Deutsche Telekom's tailored solutions utilize the best available market offers and seamlessly integrate them with our proven delivery and operational capabilities. We are proud of our extensive ecosystem of market-leading technology partners, allowing us to create the perfect solutions to match your business needs.

Proven migration methodology:
We leverage tried and trusted industry-leading migration methodologies and operational principles to support your business. We are proud of our 'Zero Outage' history and industry-recognized methods.

Security by design:
Deutsche Telekom's extensive cyber security capabilities can be fully integrated into the network solutions for our customers. Whether your needs are support for cloud-enabled SASE services, or for on-premises SOC/SIEM, trust Deutsche Telekom to support your security needs.

Customer satisfaction:
88% of our customers give top ratings for Deutsche Telekom’s network quality and value the wealth of knowledge that comes with our services.

Benefits of Premium Internet Underlay from Deutsche Telekom

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Global Coverage

Our service spans an extensive network of over 500 Points of Presence (PoPs) worldwide, collaborating with 25 leading cloud and infrastructure providers. We ensure comprehensive coverage for your business needs.

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Unparalleled Performance

Unlike conventional Internet access, Premium Internet Underlay guarantees exceptional performance with dedicated quality parameters that rival MPLS reliability. Experience maximum throughput, low latency, minimal packet loss, and superior voice and video quality.

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Best Network Infrastructure

Our Premium Internet Underlay is built on Deutsche Telekom's global network, bolstered by the backbones of 25 leading cloud providers and selected international Internet access partners. This strategic alliance creates a robust and reliable network infrastructure to support your critical operations.

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End-to-End Management

Leave the complete management of your Premium Internet Underlay solutions to us. As your trusted service partner, Deutsche Telekom handles everything, ensuring a seamless experience for you while you focus on your core business goals. Premium Internet Underlay is an end-to-end managed service including internet access, backbone and CPE.

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Premium Internet Underlay is fully compatible with other underlay and overlay solutions.

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We are ready to develop custom-designed, end-to-end connectivity and communications solutions that will help your business.

Find out how we can support and grow your business today.

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