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SD-WAN Myths Debunked – Truth Revealed!

Learn why SD-WAN is the future of networking

The weaknesses of conventional network architectures that use a central internet breakout to connect to the cloud are becoming more apparent every month.

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SD-WAN – The Future Of Networks

Software-defined (SD) networks offer a viable means of solving thorny issues. SD-WANs follow these basic tenets:

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Improved Performance

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Better Security With SASE

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Reduced Costs

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Enable Remote Working

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Superior Cloud Application Performance

Software Defined Everything: A foundation for future enterprise networking

The future of enterprise networking is software-defined. Never before could so many networking and security services be deployed in such a short time. Software is the only way to make the complexity of cloud connectivity, internet data transfer security, and deep network analysis manageable. Interdependencies occur between networking and security services, particularly when it comes to achieving efficient operation.

The enterprise networks of tomorrow will use an architecture born of the interplay between SD-WAN transport networks, security requirements, and the required processes within IT service management. As SD-WAN continues to mature, any performance gaps between the technologies will continue to shrink. The focus of IT decision-makers will increasingly shift towards the general ability to control and manage the network across all ITIL processes.

SD-WAN is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to managing future enterprise networks. For a quantum leap in productivity and automation, an SD-WAN needs to interact with a number of additional systems such as order processing, fault clearance, and the campus LAN. When these systems can’t work in concert, business processes get held up by manual workflows.

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