Enterprises are hit by a  storm of disruptions caused by the ongoing effects of inflation, the war in Ukraine, increased global political uncertainty, energy crisis, and supply chain interruptions. In order to cope with these challenges and to secure future business success, the C-Suite is putting customer experience and improved operational excellence at the top of their priorities.

In this context, digital solutions, efficient enabling infrastructure and high security are the technological focal points that are expected to deliver upon the business priorities. The webinar elaborates on how organizations can speed up their transformation to a future enterprise and which important part networks play in this process.

4 good reasons for watching the webinar:


implications that come along with implementing a digital-first strategy to prepare for the future needs of your business and meet growing user expectations.


more about the impact of transforming and modernizing your network on how your future business will operate, e.g. on delivering digital products and services.

Get advice

on strategic considerations for transforming to a future network.

Gain insights

why it's worth pursuing a flexible and modular approach which is backed by a strong partner eco system.


Jan Hein Bakkers
Senior IDC Expert/Research Director
(European Infrastructure and Telecom)

talks about future trends and gives advice for enterprise decision makers

Andrew Weedon
Managing Director
(Deutsche Telekom Global Business Solutions UK)

elaborates on Deutsche Telekom’s approach in the market and shares some of its customer success stories

Nishi Nangia
Associate Director

moderates the session

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