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Case Studies

Flexibility and cost savings with network modernization

Unlock the potential for greater cost flexibility and savings through network modernization. Our free case studies showcase the benefits across various industries and demonstrate the positive impact on the bottom line. Discover how much your company can save with our business-centric solutions and get a budgetary quote in just 24 hours. Take the first step towards a more efficient and cost-effective network.

Case Study: Manufacturing Industry

Resulting in cost savings of 57%

Case Study: Professional Services

Resulting in cost savings of 32% and better user experience thanks to bandwidth increase of 76%

Case Study: Banking & Finance

Resulting in cost savings of 38%

Why CFOs should consider network modernization

The global economy is going through uncertain times. More than ever, business leaders must find ways to make their companies more resilient to better respond to constant change. Chief Financial Officers and managers of accounting or finance play an important role here, as they constantly review financial strategy and costs and drive the transformation to more flexible cost models.

One key lever is the huge potential of network modernization with Software Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN).

Benefits include

  • Network cost savings of 30% to 50%
  • Greater flexibility and rapid implementation of changes: If sites or offices need to be moved or closed, those can easily be added to or removed from the network, which is immediately reflected in the following bill
  • Higher business efficiency and productivity of employees through more reliable and faster networks and applications
  • Improved support for dynamic business operations and hybrid working thanks to better utilized bandwidth
  • Protection of customer and project data and compliance with regulatory requirements thanks to modern cybersecurity solutions

Are you interested in unlocking the potential of network modernization for your business? We would be happy to support you. Please contact us for an initial call and then receive your budget quote within 24 hours.

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