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What is Deutsche Telekom's SD-WAN?

Managed SD-WAN from Deutsche Telekom allows you to seamlessly visualize, prioritize and securely connect your business users to the required application landscape, no matter where they are. Whether your core applications are on-premises in your data centers with high resiliency MPLS, fully cloud-native in hyperscaler XaaS networks with consumer-grade internet or somewhere in between, Deutsche Telekom SD-WAN services offer a custom-engineered solution that enables your digital transformation easily and professionally.


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  • Learn about Automated AI Optimisation, Secure Access Service Edge
    (SASE) & How to orchestrate from a single pane of glass.

  • Find out which SD-WAN vendor is the best fit for your business with Deutsche Telekom's vendor-agnostic approach.

  • Discover why the world's largest organizations trust a solution from Deutsche Telekom

Typical challengescompanies are facing

Responding to the ever-changing landscape of your business needs and associated customer demands is vital to success. As security threats increasingly get smarter, applications consume more bandwidth and your business locations become more and more remote, the flexibility of your network to respond to these demands is rapidly becoming even more of a prerequisite for your ongoing success. Are you sure your network is ready for these increasing demands?


Organizations face ongoing challenges to deliver versatile, secure, and good value connectivity that meets their business demands.


Static workloads and primarily office-based users are less typical, and there are more requirements for multi-cloud and flexible working solutions.


Protracted and unpredictable lead times to connect new sites are no longer acceptable to the business.


Existing networks can be adapted to meet immediate business needs, but this can lead to inefficiency with higher cost, associated complexity, and the potential for security vulnerabilities.


Traditional network changes on legacy networks can carry high risk and be costly and time-consuming to implement. This in turn can become a bottleneck for business agility.


Businesses often lack the required visibility and insight into application performance, which can lead to loss of productivity and a frustrated workforce.

Why SD-WAN fromDeutsche Telekom?

Deutsche Telekom offers a broad range of SD-WAN solutions to suit every customer's needs. Our approach is to work closely together in understanding your critical business requirements. Once these requirements are aligned, we leverage our extensive experience gained through many years of implementations and operations in similar environments, tailoring the perfect solution to match them.

  • Vast experience: Deutsche Telekom has been designing and operating SD-WAN services for our customers for many years. Additionally, we are leveraging this experience and capability to support the establishment of the emerging SD-WAN industry standards.

  • Flexible solutions: Our SD-WAN services are not just an overlay network with the customer bringing their own connectivity. They can also be used as complete network solutions including Deutsche Telekom's internet access services, Deutsche Telekom's MPLS network or indeed a perfect mixture of all of these services.

  • Geographical coverage: With Deutsche Telekom's presence in over 50 countries and our proven capabilities to deliver our solutions worldwide, many customers trust us with supporting their businesses. Our global reach is also backed by extensive local knowledge and expertise in understanding each country's unique legislation and requirements to bring the best solutions to your business needs.

  • Custom-engineered solutions: Deutsche Telekom's tailored solutions utilize the best available market offers and seamlessly integrate them with our proven delivery and operational capabilities. We are proud of being vendor-agnostic, allowing us to create the perfect solutions to match your business needs.

    Security by design: Deutsche Telekom's extensive cyber security capabilities can be fully integrated into our SD-WAN solutions. Whether your needs are support for cloud-enabled SASE services, or for on-premises SOC/SIEM, trust Deutsche Telekom to support your security needs.

  • Proven migration methodology We leverage tried and trusted industry-leading migration methodologies and operational principles to support your business. We are proud of our 'Zero Outage' history and industry-recognized methods.

  • Visibility and insight: Our SD-WAN solutions provide deep insight into how your applications and services are performing across your network. Insights that can be used to optimize bandwidth and spend on associated underlay circuits.

Our SD-WANTechnology Partners

Benefitsof SD-WAN

Easily Connect to the Cloud

Integrate virtual data centers into your corporate network with just a few clicks

Secure Application Performance

Whether it's a unique application for your HR department, a business-critical SAP HANA system, or business collaboration tools – Our SD-WAN solutions can be trusted to make optimal use of the associated connectivity.

Support New Work Environments

Whether working from home, on the go, or in the office: Always have secure and high-performance access to your company's applications.

Implement Security Guidelines

Central control and monitoring ensure the highest levels of security and visibility whether your services are in your Data Centers or the cloud.

Relieve Stress from IT Departments

Find and fix issues faster, allowing your staff to spend less time on trouble tickets and more time on business growth.

More Bandwidth for Your Money

Allocate bandwidth intelligently to applications: Channel non-critical traffic over internet connections instead of MPLS lines.


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The Partner of Choice for SD-WAN Solutions

Discover why Deutsche Telekom Global Business with its vendor-agnostic and consultative approach is the partner of choice for design, implementation and operation of secure SD-WAN solutions that are perfectly tailored to the needs of your business.

SD-WANUse Cases

SD-WAN as the foundation of your digitalization

Reduce the complex and multi-layered requirements of your digitalization with us. Ensure the availability and security of your communication networks in the long term and sustainably for all your operational processes. This makes the workplace of the future a reality in your company.

SD-WAN – the evolution for your IT infrastructure

SD-WAN's centralized control experience will simplify your everyday IT life. From migrating to cloud-based applications, coordinating security services to organizing routers, we'll help make your vision of a new IT infrastructure come true.

Cost-efficient transformation with SD-WAN

Digital transformation and the resultant costs are an issue in every company. With transparency and individual consulting, we ensure that the implementation of new processes, security concepts and the associated infrastructure with SD-WAN is profitable for your company.

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