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Zoom X for the City of Stockholm

Stockholms stad

Our customer

The City of Stockholm ‒ the municipality of Sweden’s capital ‒ provides a myriad of services to its 980,000 residents. This encompasses preschool and school, social services, recreation, mobility and street maintenance, sustainable living and city development.

The city’s dedicated 40,000 employees play a pivotal role in delivering the variety of services to the community, and they are dispersed across a wide range of organizational units throughout the city. These units comprise the city’s executive office, 11 city district departments and 18 specialist departments. Moreover, Stockholms stad owns 16 subsidiaries who manage and operate, for instance, the city theater (Kulturhuset Stadsteatern), care facilities (Micasa Fastigheter), water and waste (Stockholm Vatten och Avfall), rental housing (Stockholmshem, Svenska Bostäder and Familjebostäder) or trade fairs and conferences (Mässfastigheter).

188 km²

urban area


visitors in city libraries

410,000 m³

potable water provided every day


Stadler modern office

Replacing an outdated platform

The City of Stockholm had been using a legacy collaboration product which was reaching end of life. The objective was to identify and implement a replacement solution which would allow for secure and easy-to-use videoconferencing and communication among the municipality’s employees. As a publicly governed body who is handling sensitive information, it was of utmost importance for the municipality that the new collaboration solution is in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is the comprehensive data privacy regulation in the European Union (EU).

Accordingly, the list of security and risk-minimizing requirements was long. It included items such as end-to-end data encryption for secure communication among participants, pseudonymized email addresses, limitations on transfers of personal attributes, usage of public IP addresses, or effective management and regular deletion of metadata.


Zoom X powered by Deutsche Telekom

After a thorough examination of potential solutions, the City of Stockholm opted for Zoom X which is a version of the market-leading collaboration platform managed independently by Deutsche Telekom in their data centers in Germany. This ensures that personal data needed or processed for using the collaboration platform remains within the European Union. Moreover, Zoom X meets the municipality’s strict requirements through features such as:

  • Real-time and end-to-end data encryption between all meeting participants’ devices
  • Handling of text-based chats and metadata in German IT environments with additional protective measures such as advanced chat encryption
  • Usage of public IP addresses for minimizing the risk of external access
  • Inaccessibility of all real-time data, including video meetings, to Zoom and other third country providers, preventing authorities from requesting such data from the service

"At the City of Stockholm, we turned ourselves into a solution-oriented organization and really proved that we can make the impossible possible. With the right team of experts from our different departments, suppliers and partners like Deutsche Telekom, we were able to meet many challenges and deliver the keys to accelerate within a very complex environment. Through true collaboration, we found a way to meet the increasing digitalization demands of our employees while ensuring proper handling of personal data."

Anders Häregård, Project Leader for the introduction of the service in the City of Stockholm


Having introduced Zoom X to 16,000 users at the City of Stockholm, employees can now experience a user-friendly and all-encompassing collaboration platform with GDPR compliance assurance. This includes facilitating smoother and more convenient conduct of in-person meetings through the Zoom X Rooms function and specially equipped meeting rooms across the municipality’s premises. Also, computer-to-computer meetings have become significantly easier.

"The choice of Deutsche Telekom's Zoom X was of strategic importance for this success story. Our search for a secure collaboration platform led us to a solution that combined a world-leading virtual collaboration platform with hosting in Europe. The robust protection measures, GDPR compliance, Deutsche Telekom's expertise and the instrumental support of their local team in Sweden make Zoom X the ideal choice for our privacy-conscious environment. This partnership marks an important step in our commitment to secure and innovative collaboration in the public sector."

Anders Häregård

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