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Data Privacy

Sharing data worldwide on a protected platform

What is Deutsche Telekom’s IntraSelect Transport Connect?

IntraSelect Transport Connect is Deutsche Telekom's wires-only, globally available MPLS network infrastructure. It forms the foundation for setting up any MPLS-based communication network with global availability that is dedicated to your company.

Each IntraSelect Transport Connect node is assigned to a customer network, enabling the secure transmission of your company's critical data on Telekom's IP backbone. Our Transport Connect service is perfect for enabling your SD-WAN overlay service of choice and supporting all of your needs for those mission-critical services that you simply cannot transition to the cloud.

A protected transport infrastructure for your business-critical data

In any internationally active company, the secure, high-performance, and reliable exchange of critical data between locations is essential for everyday business. To support these demands, you need a protected data transport infrastructure with global reach, that can supply the required flexibility, for services that simply cannot be trusted to the internet.

Deutsche Telekom has been a trusted partner for many years, supporting these key needs across a large footprint of global organizations such as yours.

Typical challengescompanies are facing


Planning and providing a cross-company data transport platform needs a great deal of technical effort and financial resources.


Each location needs its own environment-specific network solution at the best possible price performance ratio.


Working with many different providers makes it difficult to meet company-wide budget targets.


Provider-specific Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) is typically part of the MPLS-based VPN services that cannot be separated by your service provider.


CPE engineering, provisioning, and maintenance are in the provider's hands, which results in a lack of flexibility when it comes to building a customized solution.


For deploying an SD-WAN overlay, it is difficult to find providers that support the integration of wired MPLS connectivity with the SD-WAN edge device.

Why IntraSelect Transport Connect from Deutsche Telekom?

When nothing but the best will do, rely on Deutsche Telekom's fully managed and secured MPLS connectivity to handle the transport of your services. IntraSelect Transport Connect is modular by design, providing a wide range of connectivity services tailored to your company's location-specific requirements.

In addition to various transmission technologies such as Ethernet, DSL, and Mobile Access, dedicated classes of service are also available to support your mission-critical applications, ensuring they are available for your users at the right time and in the right locations.

  • Efficient multi-provider strategy: Include IntraSelect Transport Connect when implementing a comprehensive ICT solution in your company based on a multi-provider strategy.

  • Demand-driven solution: Take advantage of Deutsche Telekom's IP platform wherever it offers the optimal CPE integration and the best price-performance ratio.

  • Ideal division of labor: Deutsche Telekom provides the transport infrastructure and is responsible for the management of the IP platform - the operational management of the company's network remains in your hands.
  • Maximum flexibility: Plan, set up, and operate your Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) environment according to your individual needs, or simply integrate our wires-only service directly with your SD-WAN overlay solution.

  • Individual freedom of choice: Choose IntraSelect Transport Connect MPLS services in any scenario where you simply want wires-only MPLS connectivity for your business.

  • Cost-efficiency: IntraSelect Transport Connect is perfect for direct SD-WAN edge integration saving you the additional cost of back-to-back CPE configuration.

Benefits of IntraSelect Transport Connect

Safe and Reliable

Ensure secure, high-performance, and reliable data exchange in your globally active company.

Controlled and Protected

Use a secure IP transport platform with a guarded technical infrastructure and protected connections.

Modular and Customizable

Benefit from a modular design that you can customize to suit your company and location.

Flexible and Easy to Integrate

Flexibly choose your CPE environment without worrying about integration with the MPLS-based VPN service.

Suitable for Multi-Provider

StrategiesInclude Transport Connect as part of an enterprise-wide multi-provider strategy with an optimal price-performance ratio.


Save the cost of back-to-back CPEs required by other vendors with direct SD-WAN edge integration.

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